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What we offer

By being Client-centric, community oriented, collaborative and innovative, Canada Pacific Industry Training strives to provide the best training possible so that you, your organization and its members can grow. Contact us! 

Custom Training

We specialize in performing detailed assessments of your staff's learning and development needs, paying special attention to company culture and strategic plans. We have access to subject-matter experts who are experienced and effective and will work with you to create on-target instruction.

Knowledge Brokering

You have knowledge that you wish to impart on the community or the world. You want to get it out to our community but are not sure how to do this. Let us assist you and we will promote, get participants, and arrange logistical support to get your knowledge across.

Course Creation

We specialize in creating courses out of ideas and thoughts. You may have an idea of a challenging area in your organization but are unsure of how to use the right training approach. With our highly experienced subject matter experts and partners, we will try to make your ideas into reality.

Logistical support

Logistics for training or meetings can be a hassle. If you wish to arrange a location for in-person training outside your office, let us know and we will not just help you to secure the location, but we will also take care of catering or any AV requirements you may need to make your training a successful one.

Our Hardworking Partners

Capstone industrial Training Solution, Hone Consulting, Instict Training, Procept Associates, Safety First BC, Servitech Training, Thynk Leadership

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