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Public Safety


First-Rate Public Safety Training

First-rate Safety Training, Consulting, and Operations for first response professionals (LE, Fire, EMS, Security, SAR etc.), corporate clients and members of the public, taught by fully qualified, certified, and insured instructors have decades of relevant, practical, real world experience.

Course List

-Custom Training- Below is a sample of the courses that we offer together with our partners. We have more. Let's talk about training!

  • First Aid (inc. OFA, Wilderness, Marine)

  • EMS Courses (inc. FR, EMR, PCP)

  • Firefighting Courses (inc. ICS, ESM, EVO, HAZMAT)

  • Dynamic Shooting (Handgun, Shotgun, Rifle)

  • Tactical Training (inc. Low-light, Vehicle Tactics)

  • Combatives and Self Protection

  • Firearms Safety (PAL and RPAL)

  • CORE Hunter Education

  • Wilderness Survival

  • Predator Defence

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