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Project Management


A highly - demanded skillset

Regardless of what industry you find yourself in, Project Management will always play an important role. In some way or another, we have always been involved in Project Management but we do not realize it. At Canada Pacific Industry Training, our partners and subject matter experts in the field will help you and your organization get a clearer perspective in this amazing field. Whether you and your team are beginning on the Project Management path or are seasoned Project Managers in need of a refresh or adding more to your skill set, let us help you.

Course List

-Custom Training- Below is a sample of the courses that we offer together with our partners. We have more. Let's talk about training!

  • Fundamentals of Industrial Project Management

  • Effectively starting a project team

  • Negotiation basics for construction project managers

  • Scrum Master Certification

  • Certified Agile Project Manager

  • Project Communications and Stakeholder Analysis

  • Project Management skills for Non-Project Managers

  • Project Scheduling Basics

  • Microsoft Project

  • 8 Habits of very successful project managers

  • Project Management Essentials for Construction

  • Project Management for Festivals, Events and Hospitality

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