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Oil, Gas and Petrochemical


A highly dynamic industry

The Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industry is becoming one of the largest emerging industries in our province and the world. It is expected that by 2022, over one million job openings will be opening across the province including the expected LNG activity. At the same time, the number of workers needed will gradually become greater than the number of workers available. At Canada Pacific Industry Training, we have partnered with a highly respected Canadian Industrial Training Solutions company that specializes in the delivery of high-quality and cost-effective technical writing, custom training, and competency management solutions.

Course List

-Custom Training- Below is a sample of the courses that we offer together with our partners. We have more. Let's talk about training!

  • LNG Plant Operations

  • Small Scale LNG

  • Pump maintenance

  • Fundamentals of LNG Cargo Containment and Propulsion

  • LNG Ship/Shore Interface and Managing Cargo Transfer Operations

  • LNG Bunkering

  • Maritime Regulatory Framework

  • LNG as Fuel and Decarbonization Challenges

  • LNG Chartering and Supply Contracts

  • LNG Pricing, Freight-led Arbitrage, Hedging

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